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June 11, 2015

Geeky women everywhere, rejoice!  I’ve found an author who manages steam, humor AND Firefly references all between the covers of one book!  (I know, right?!)  Want to know more? Of course you do…

If you’ve ever despaired of finding a book with a heroine who knows Malcom Reynolds from The Doctor and can manage troll agro in an MMORPG, fear not!  Brenna Aubrey has got your back with book 1 of her Gaming the System series, At Any Price.Mia Strong, a well-known gaming blogger with a ton of debt and medical bills, decides to auction of her virginity to “make a statement” about women’s control over their own bodies and futures…and also to stay afloat and pay for medical school.  She is not prepared for Adam Drake, software prodigy and gaming company CEO, or the loophole he finds in her auction rules.

In Mia, Aubrey has created an amazing balance of independent woman, geek, and hot heroine, and her character execution is flawless.  There are just enough (properly used!) techno/gaming terms and geek references for a natural and believable girl gamer without going over the top.  Computers get Mia almost as hot as Adam does, which is as it should be for a girl who plays and writes about games for a living!  And Adam?  Well, Adam is like the Holy Grail of men for geeky women everywhere: A computer nerd who knows his code AND can melt your panties with his smoldering, dark good looks and washboard abs.  Holy hotness, Batman!  Sign me up!  Together, Mia and Adam have a chemistry that sizzles right off the page.

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