Impossible Choice
Contemporary Romance , Military Romance / September 8, 2015

Impossible Choice is the continuation of the Unchecked series, begun in book 1,Impossible Promise.  In this installment, Layna and Blaze find their fledgling relationship put to the test when, shortly after his deployment to Afghanistan, Blaze is wounded and returns home to recover.   Read on for my review! Impossible Choice picks up shortly after Blaze deploys to Afghanistan, leaving Layna heartbreakingly lonely and lost without him. Part of what I love so much about this book is that the author doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the difficult feelings. Loneliness, anger, fear, jealousy, lust…they exist, and we all feel them. The characters in this book feel them. Things aren’t always picture perfect and beautiful, with the hero and heroine skipping off into the sunset, everyone fulfilled and no feelings hurt. And, as much as it shreds the heart to read those kinds of truths, it makes the characters so much more real and relateable.  “I craved him–his touch, his smile, the intense way he looked at me. I missed him more than I missed my parents and that scared the hell out of me.” That quote. Right there. That’s what connected me to Layna’s emotional state at the novel’s opening….