Beckon Me by Cindy Thomas

June 10, 2015
This debut novel from Cindy Thomas is beautifully done, fresh, and will keep you turning pages until the end (and then chomping at the bit for Book 2!).Read on for my review!

Karina and her best friend Rainey stumble upon an ugly scene one night that will change (and end) their lives as they know them. When Karina recovers and moves into the apartment she was supposed to share with Rainey, her life is thrown another curve ball in the form of her sexy neighbor, Eli (who I would gladly take off her hands anytime…).
From the beginning of the book, friendships play a starring role, and Thomas does a beautiful job of capturing the raw emotions, sacrifices, boundless love, and simple joy of true friendship. My heart broke for Karina and Rainey from the start: Rainey’s life is cut short and Karina loses a lifelong best friend AND an avocation in an instant.
The chemistry between Eli and Karina is undeniable and steamy, and I never found the progression of their relationship to be fake or forced, which is one of the major issues I have with many of the NA books coming onto the market lately. Kudos to Thomas for managing a believable (and enviable) love story, complete with “real” problems.
Thomas has created a truly enjoyable and fresh twist on the reaper myth, complete with ALL the feelings and characters that pull you in for a ride you won’t forget!Get your copy here!

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