Kissed by Carla Krae
Contemporary Romance / May 19, 2015

KISSED by Carla Krae My rating: 4 of 5 stars *I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.* I’ll admit, best friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes. Throw in a sexy British accent and bad boy attitude, and the result is pretty freaking steamy. I loved the characters and found them to be reasonably and believably developed. And I may have fallen more than a little in love with Jake. The one thing that detracted from the story was the wonky timeline. The first part of the book, where the groundwork is laid, was a bit confusing as timing went. It also felt very much like the author was trying to quickly lay out the history between the characters and couldn’t decide how best to do it or the rate at which to move time. I also was not a big fan of the ending. I felt like it really left us hanging, and not in a good way. In a “did part of the book get cut off”, looking for torn our pages kind of way. That being said, I’ll likely pick up the next installment in the…

Remember Me
Romantic Suspense / May 14, 2015

Psychic Madelyn Rose is asked to help solve a missing children case on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Although she foresees her own death (along with other disturbing visions) when she touches the detective in charge of the case, Bronx Daniels, she stays to find the missing boys. Will she also find love, or will she lose her life? Overall, I really liked this book. The storyline was new and intriguing, if slightly predictable, and the characters (both reincarnations) were likeable and easy to connect with. I also found Gallagher’s use of various spiritual tools and practices to be, with my limited knowledge, appropriate and accurate.The one thing that keeps me from rating this book more highly is the overwhelming presence of grammatical errors. I found the frequent misspelling, misuse of words (the one that stands out is the use of “unrequited” to mean “unfulfilled”, rather than it’s true meaning “unreturned”), sentence structure issues, and mixing up “their” and “there” to be highly distracting. As far as the storyline itself is concerned, I was pleased with this novel, and the author, Maggie Mae Gallagher has a lot of promise. If it sounds intriguing to you, you can pick up your copy here! *I…

Indiscretion: Volumes 1-4

*I received this set from the author for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own.* **This review contains language that some might find offensive. However, if you cannot read the review, you should not read the books.**First, let me say that there are a LOT of things I love about Elisabeth Grace. From the first line of her stories, her sense of humor and potential as a writer are impressive and apparent. I laughed out loud, multiple times, and I thought there was a lot of promise to the plot and characters. If you are a fan of decent plot with lots of sex, then this is likely an excellent choice for you. Despite the humor and plot, I found the sheer amount of random sex to be obnoxious and distracting. I REALLY wanted to follow the development of the story, but instead, the two main characters were constantly getting naked. I’m also not a huge fan of the crude anatomical terms, but I’m aware that it’s a personal preference and can look past it if story quality permits. However, there were some beautifully romantic scenes that were, for me, ruined by the random insertion (pun completely intended) of “cock”,…

Guarded Passion (Wyatt Brothers Book 3)

I loved the ideas in this book, and it was an easy, quick read. There were lots of great moments of humor, and the ending made me happy. I don’t feel, however, like I ever really got to connect with the characters. I liked the story, but they never felt real to me. I would have liked to see more chances to really connect with the characters and become immersed in their story and struggles. I also often felt like the love scenes were awkward. There were occasional crude anatomical terms thrown in for the multiple “close calls”, but no actual sex scenes until the end of the book, and it seemed like the author was torn on how to approach them. All in all, this was a good, quick fun read, which can be read as a stand alone without reading the first two in the series. You can get your copy of Guarded Passion here! *I received this book from the author for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.*