Lost Girl: Hidden Book 1

April 28, 2015
Molly Brooks is a telepathic vigilante with a few secrets and a mysterious past. Determined to make something of her bizarre powers, she devotes herself to saving those who need her most. One night, she’s followed by a powerful being in a pickup truck, and her world will never be the same. Finding herself thrust into a world full of supernatural beings she could have only imagined, Molly learns how powerful she really is, and how much she stands to lose. —Book Teaser
After reading the premise above and seeing the rave review from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Hunter, I was chomping at the bit to try this new series.  I have a soft spot for Urban Fantasy and kick-ass heroines, what can I say?
The book started out promising.  I saw a lot of un-plumbed depth in Molly, our heroine and, despite not really having any kind of knowledge of or interest in Detroit, Vanderlinden created an interesting world with intriguing characters.  She had me hooked, and I enjoyed the tension between Molly, Nain and Brennan.  But then, at around 75% into the book, I almost put it down.  And I was angry.  Because I had loved the book so much and committed a huge part of myself to it (you guys know how it is when you really get into a book!), and then the author did something that seemed, compared to the skill she’d exhibited to that point in her writing, sophomoric and lazy.  Kind of one of those moments when you think, “Ok, did the author just realize that the book is almost over and her characters aren’t where they need to be yet?”.  When you are pulled out of the world because all you can see is the writer’s hand in events.


I was frustrated beyond belief when Molly and Nain suddenly went from sexually frustrated tension to oh-my-god-we’re-in-love-there-is-no-one-else-for-me land.  Really?  It was just too much of a jump for me.  Yes, I’d had a feeling they’d end up together, but it seemed like a lot of development was skipped.  I really almost stopped reading.  I told my husband how upset I was, and then said, “But I’m 75% done! I feel like I can’t just stop reading!”  He encouraged me to keep reading, and boy am I glad I did.


I did my best to get over my frustration at the jump in story development, and I finished Lost Girl.  And you know what?  I couldn’t stop.  I needed more.  So I one-clicked Broken: Hidden Book Two, and immediately started reading.  And I am so very glad I did. After moving ahead a bit into the series, I can see why Vanderlinden did what she did, and it works beautifully.

Buy this book now.  If you get frustrated, like I did, keep reading!  Then pick up Book 2 (review coming soon).  You won’t be sorry!

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