Love on a Summer Night

November 24, 2015
If you’ve read my reviews before, you may know that I am a HUGE fan of Zoe York’s Pine Harbour series. Which makes today, release day for #4 in the series, Love on a Summer Night, a fabulous day! 

If you haven’t read the first three books, check out my reviews here:

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Then, read on for my review of Love on a Summer Night, and prepare yourself to want to stay home absorbing the awesomeness of Zander and Faith!

Faith Davidson is a successful author and a widowed single mother. Even after 4 years, she has yet to venture back into the world of dating, and she knows she certainly won’t do so with anyone who lives dangerously–she’s been there, done that, and got the widow card to prove it.

Then, she meets Zander Minelli, who is all the things she tells herself she couldn’t and shouldn’t want. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and dangerously appealing. 

The first aspect of this book that jumped right out and impressed the hell out of me was the realism.  As a mother and writer, I found myself continually laughing out loud as I connected with the things that Faith said and did. Why? Because I say and do those exact same things

“She told herself to remember every detail of this moment for when she got back to the computer.”
I cannot tell you how many times I have done this. In fact, I have an app on my phone just for making notes of observations so I can remember them and incorporate them into my writing later. (Incidentally, I also have a waterproof pad of paper for the shower because…well, you just never know when inspiration will strike.) I’ve also been known to snap photos of things I want to remember. And when you meet someone who has knowledge of a skill you’re trying to include in a story? Oh, you pick their brain shamelessly. Seriously. It’s a thing. And I love how Zoe York (also a mother and writer, captures it). 
“This is everything there is to know about me Zander. Playgrounds and camps and packing lunches and wiping noses and kissing scraped knees. Bath time and story time and middle of the night cuddles because of nightmares. Nothing interesting.”
It’s an almost universal truth that mothers, especially those with young children, tend to have lives that revolve around their kids. So often, we don’t take time for ourselves, we don’t indulge in activities solely for our own enjoyment, and we certainly don’t tend to find our lives particularly appealing or interesting. Multiply this times about 100 for single parents. Putting yourself out there when you are on your parenting game 100% of the time is not easy. Seeing what could possibly appeal to someone of the opposite sex about your booger wiping, lunch packing, nightmare soothing, soccer mom identity is even harder. And I love that Zoe captured this insecurity and vulnerability so beautifully, but also that she answered it with a mind-blowing, panty melting, heart warming chemistry and dynamic between Faith and Zander.
“Chemistry didn’t trump practicality…But then they had shared looks like this, where her face was naked with longing and he thought, how is this beautiful woman all alone? How can I not pursue her? It was a raw, primal reaction that evaded logic and reason.”
Zander is the entire package. He’s intelligent, he’s got lifelong military man body, he adores Faith’s son, and he has thoughts like that about Faith. I’m not going to lie. I would welcome that into my life right damn now. The way Zander treats Faith in this book, as if she were a queen and the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen? The way he seems to find her more attractive because of rather than in spite of the extra softness and imperfections that childbearing has given her body? Holy moly, did it speak to my woman’s soul. And when he played with and had “man talks” with Faith’s little boy? Well, my heart didn’t stand a chance!

If you haven’t read the other three books in this series, I suggest you do so now–because, seriously, they are  all this good and applicable to real life–and then buy this one and call in sick to work tomorrow. Because you’re going to be up all night reading. 

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Love on a Summer Night

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