Getting to Know Author Elodie Nowodazkij [ + GIVEAWAY]

October 14, 2015
Yesterday, I posted about the release of Always Second Best (including the awesome tour-wide giveaway!). Today, I’d like to share my review of Always Second Best, as well as a fun little interview with the author. Oh, and did I mention I also have a giveaway just for my wonderful readers? ‘Cause I definitely do!
Seventeen year old ballerina Emilia Moretti has felt second best her whole life, and she has decided that she is going to show the world that she can be the best. (The world mainly being her birth mother and her ex best friend/summer fling.)
“But when everything went crashing faster than a dancer missing his or her landing, I still had hope. I dreamed he’d come and knock at my door, that he’d tell me he was sorry, that he’d fight for me.”​
Like most teenage girls (and hell, us adults as well!), Emilia longs to be sought after and fought for. She bases much of her self worth on the idea of, more than being the best AT something, being the best and first choice FOR someone.
Because this is such a relevant topic to women of every age the world over, I was thrilled to see Nowodazkij handle it in such a beautiful way.
“Being first doesn’t always mean the first place on the podium. Being first should be about learning what it is that makes you happy and pursuing that dream and not giving up and staying true to yourself. Being first should be about the journey.”
Much more than a romance, Always Second Best chronicles a girl’s journey to self-appreciation, recognition of self-worth, and realization of her place in the world. It is, in many ways, a sort of Every(wo)man story, and I can honestly say that it spoke to me on many levels.
So, really. You guys? Go read this book now. Although, you probably want to start with A Summer Like No Other, as it gives the story of the summer before Always Second Best. A summer in which two friends decide to allow themselves to be something more.
Now that I’ve given you my two cents, how about something fun from the author? Here’s an interview provided by Xpresso Book Tours!
Q&A With Elodie Nowodazkij

What do you love most about Em & Nick?
How much they love one another. It takes them time and it’s not always easy and they make mistakes but at the end of the day, they understand one another and are there for one another.
2.Do you have plans to write more books in the Broken Dreams series?
I have a few more…I may or may not be currently writing a holiday novella featuring Camilo—the “bad” guy from One, Two, Three and Chloe, a new character.
I’m also outlining Jen’s story. Jen is a part of A Summer Like No Other and Always Second Best…and I’m actually thinking of her moving to France for the summer after the showcase for an intensive workshop at the Opéra de Paris. Thinking out loud here… And I also have a novel about Becca—Natalya’s best friend. Oh and maybe about Roberto—Emilia’s brother.
3.Wow, that’s quite a lot. Any chance we’ll see Em & Nick again though?
Hmmm. Definitely in Jen’s story, they will pop up. And I may or may not be looking into writing a few short stories…featuring Tonio & Nata, Em & Nick and maybe Giovanni & Roberto.
4.Emilia & Nick are ballet dancers. Natalya in One Two Three and One Dream Only was a ballet dancer. Are you also a dancer?
I danced ballet for a few years, but nothing like Natalya or Em or Nick…I’ve done research, watched videos, read articles and tried to remember what I loved about ballet when I was dancing. It’s a world I tried to learn a lot about. Part of the Broken Dreams series will move a bit away from ballet thought when it comes to Becca’s story and Camilo’s.
5.What is your favorite part about writing?
I have several favorite things I love about writing. The creating process. Yes, it can be super painful and sometimes I hate it, but I am still grateful that I get to call this “my job”. And then, I love the contact with the readers.
Really, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter (@ENowodazkij) or per email ( And if you’ve read my books and enjoyed them, I love hanging out in my cozy book on Facebook J (
This one is just for you, my lovelies!

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