More Than Fashion
Contemporary Romance , New Adult / July 30, 2015

Julie Hong is a pre-med student at UCLA with a dream and a plan–albeit, a dream and a plan that don’t necessarily mesh with what her family envisions for her future. After a hot almost fling with the sexy Gavin Bennett (who she soon finds is one of her competitor’s on the fashion reality show Behind the Seams),  her limits are tested. And she learns about a lot more than fashion. He laughed and it set my panties on fire. His voice was like butter, and I wanted it spread all over me. That didn’t even make sense, but it was true. From the minute Julie sees Gavin across the bar, the heat practically singes the pages. I’ll admit, the tats and British accent were a huge appeal to me. Throw in the fact that he’s a gentleman, has an architect’s mind AND is creative? Well, ladies…he’s the whole damn package. I’m honestly a bit jealous of Julie. In Gavin, Elizabeth Briggs manages to create a man who fits beautifully into the fashion world, while being neither gay nor particularly metrosexual. BUT, any romance gets a bit boring without some tension, and boy do Julie and Gavin have tension in spades….

Hope’s Deceit Cover Reveal
Cover Reveal / July 30, 2015

Untold Press is excited to present the cover reveal of HOPE’S DECEIT, book two of The Fated by Angela McPherson! Hope’s Deceit is the second book in this heart-pumping Young Adult, Paranormal Romance series. You can find the first book, Hope’s Decree, as well as other exciting reads by Angela McPherson at Untold Press. Synopsis   Everything has changed—people, my life—no one and nothing is as it seems. With each new threat, the idea of normal slips farther beyond my reach. A relationship with Blain is everything Trinity has ever wished for—even before she realized she wanted it, but after the near fatal attack with Melia, something changes. The connection that binds them shifts, and a dark force threatens to wedge the two apart. Trinity’s only hope for the life she craves is stopping Melia and her immortal Rogues. But fate always has an ulterior plan. As Trinity’s eighteenth birthday draws near, more abilities manifest. But controlling them is a problem. During an emergency Watcher meeting, some question if Trinity is strong enough to carry out the task she is fated to uphold. Secrets are revealed, and lives are lost. Melia has plans to awaken an ancient god whose wrath—if…