Fresh, Fun & Fantastic RomCom!
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If you’re looking for a fun romance with a little mystery, lots of laughs, and sexy Irishmen, you should definitely pick up this first installment in Zara Keane‘s Ballybeg series. The heroine, Fiona, is a supremely likeable and “real” character.  She’s not model thin or fashionable, and she doesn’t give a feck.  When she’s wrangled into the wedding party (in chartreuse, no less!) for her snotty cousin, and discovers that the groom, Gavin is, in fact, already married (to HER!), Fiona’s life is thrown for a loop. Follow along as Fiona and Gavin navigate the curves, rises and dips (pun totally intended) of the road to love.  Will they hang on until the end, or will roadblocks stop them in their tracks? I literally laughed out loud from the beginning.  Keane’s writing is fresh, and her portrayal of Irish culture masterful.   Why are you still reading this review?! Buy the book and read it now (I’ve even put a handy little link to the book on Amazon just below)! You won’t regret it.  And if you do, you’re an eejit. Love and Shenanigans (Ballybeg, Book 1) (The Ballybeg Series)

Wonderfully Weighty RomCom/Mystery
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After falling head over heels for Ballybeg in Love and Shenanigans, I was both stoked and a little scared to read Love and Leprechauns (I skipped Love and Blarney, #2 and a stand-alone novella). I loved the world and Zara Keane‘s writing style so much in the first installation that I was afraid the next full novel wouldn’t live up to the first.  But let me tell you:  this one was just as good! The setting of this installation is the same Ballybeg as in Love and Shenanigans (read my review here), but the hero and heroine, Jonas and Olivia, are quite different from Fiona and Gavin–and from each other. We meet Olivia and Jonas in Love and Shenanigans, but we really get to know them in this book.  Jonas is a single father and writer, struggling to balance his writing career with parenting a special needs child.  Olivia dreams of starting a cafe and obtaining financial independence from her abusive husband.  When Jonas has the space Olivia needs for her business, and rent money from Olivia can help keep Jonas’s boat afloat, the two warily join together and sparks fly!  But can new feelings overcome past hurts? I loved the artful blend…

Troubles and True Love
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*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own.* “It adds a certain je-ne-say-whatsit…”  —Buck Inebriated idiots, murderous mobsters, fraught families, sexy sergeants, and loads of laughs–this book’s got it all. Clio and Sean–a woman with a sketchy past and a member of the Guard–seem like polar opposites. He follows (and enforces) the law, and she has a history of breaking it. Sometimes, though, love is above the law. The question is, will their burning attraction and growing feelings be enough to overcome their heavy pasts and the gangster holding a tab on Clio? “I love you,” he said, and meant it with an earnest intensity he’d never experienced before.  “Now dry your eyes and don’t get shot.” Of all the Ballybeg men, Sean is my absolute favorite. Maybe it’s the uniform, or maybe it’s the quiet strength and sharp wit–whatever the case, he just does it for me. And Clio is absolutely real and relatable, and I admired her spunk and strength in the face of adversity.  Keane crafts their romance with a nice realism and lack of mushiness that suits a somewhat jaded policeman and…

The Secret is Out!
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The Secret is the stunning conclusion to Ava and Malachi’s journey in Elizabeth Hunter’s Irin Chronicles.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, The Scribe and The Singer, so I was thrilled to be able to read an ARC of this final installment for Ava and Malachi. Read on for my full review!

The Secret
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Click to see this bad boy in all it’s full size glory! If you follow me (and I know you all do, right?), you know that I reviewed an Elizabeth Hunter book, Shifting Dreams, not too long ago.  You’ll also know that I’m a lot in love with her writing style.  So, when the opportunity came up to help out with the cover reveal for her third Irin Chronicles book, The Secret, I totally raised my hand in the air and jumped up and down squealing, “Me! Me! Pick me!” (Or, you know, clicked, “Comment” on Facebook…same difference, right?)  Here it is, in all its beauty! Only when the darkness falls can you see the light of the stars. For thousands of years, the scribes and singers of the Irin race have existed to protect humanity and guard the gifts of the Forgiven. They have lived in the shadows. They have kept their secrets. But the Irin aren’t the only race with secrets. Ava and Malachi have found each other, but wounds as deep as theirs don’t heal overnight. While the Irin world struggles to correct the power imbalance left by the Rending of the Irina, Malachi and Ava struggle to connect their past…

A Little Light Realism: Zoe York’s Pine Harbour Series
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I don’t know about you, but I hate stories where characters are cliches and dialogue is stale and far from believable.  So, when I discovered Zoe York, I *may* have squealed a bit with delight.My first Zoe York book, Love in a Small Town, was a fun, easy read. There was mystery, there was conflict, there was romance, there was self-discovery, and yes, there was sex.  The first book in the Pine Harbour series, Love in a Small Town is the story of Rafe and Olivia Minelli.  Rafe is a police officer and army reservist, Olivia is his small-town diner waitress ex-wife, and the sparks are definitely still flying after their divorce. When Olivia has to decide between an exciting new job or a fresh start away from Pine Harbour, she must also choose whether to protect her heart or give it to Rafe…again.What I liked most was that the main characters were genuine–they were at once likeable and obnoxiously stubborn, and that’s real life. In the real world, marriage is a difficult and delicate balance, and it’s not always easy to find a happy medium between the wants and needs of two people. It can be even more difficult when you throw in demanding…

Shifting Dreams (Cambio Springs Book One)
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Some of my current favorite genres are Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy.  I love a good mystery, a strong female protagonist, and a little romance.  A while back, I discovered Elizabeth Hunter through the first book in her Irin Chronicles series, The Scribe.  I instantly fell in love with her writing style, stalk….er followed her on Facebook, and began to search out more of her work.  When the opportunity to review Shifting Dreams, the first installment in her Cambio Springs series, presented itself, I jumped.  And I’m so very glad I did.  Let me start by saying that it took me entirely too long to review this book.  Generally, I can finish a book on my Kindle in a day or two (depending on my children, my workload, and my schedule), but this was my first audio book review.  Those of you with kids know how hard it can be to “listen” to anything actively while at home with kids.  My life is a constant stream of requests for snacks, butt wiping, booger clearing, and playtime, so turning on an audio book was much more difficult than anticipated.  Just something to keep in mind as you decide in which format you’d like to purchase this book…